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Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) is one of the youngest Travel Associations in India that has been formed for the benefit of the members in the outbound travel trade. It is a national, non-profit organisation comprising India’s Outbound Tour Operators and Travel Agents, who are into serious business of selling outbound. With the aim of having a targeted member base of 2000 plus verified agents and tour operators, the association strives hard, through its numerous activities and initiatives, to work towards the betterment of its members and help them in increasing their business. Its regional chapters across India are geared to work towards the cause of not just increasing outbound from India but also educate and sensitise the members of OTOAI towards the various prospects that can help them in building their commerce.


OTOAI, through its members in various positions of power, is dedicated to develop and promote the highest ethical and professional standards in the travel and tourism industry. The association prides in having a clean and clear image not just in the industry but also in the media. All functions and initiatives undertaken at OTOAI are extremely transparent, information regarding which is easily available to all the members. No member of the association is allowed to take undue advantage of his position and we ensure that there are no special privileges or benefits allocated to a select few within the organisation. There is complete parity amongst all members of the association and everyone is treated with equal respect. The grievance of even a single member in the association is taken up seriously by OTOAI and immediate solution to the same is sought by the members of Managing Committee. 


OTOAI aims to foster an environment of collaboration with various stakeholders through its ideology of collective ambition. All members of the association are in serious business of selling outbound and any educational insight or lucrative deal that can help them boost their business is an added bonus. OTOAI constantly endeavours to collaborate with International Tourism Boards and DMCs and help them realise the worth of working with serious industry people, who indeed can give them big business. Such alliances work beneficial for both – the agent as well as the service provider. The association here plays a key role in bringing the two together for the growth of the outbound industry in India.


A Matter of Trust

All our relationships, be it personal or professional, are strongly positioned on the single most element – TRUST. An outbound agent deals with various members of the industry both within the country and internationally and in all transactions, Trust plays a major role. Economies across the globe and business in international and national markers are all dependent and functioning on widespread trust. It is this responsibility – the trust bestowed upon travel professionals – that forms the core of our organisational mission: “To lead the travel industry in India by setting the highest standards of ethics, professional excellence and collaboration with stakeholders while propagating an ideology of collective ambition.” This is not just a statement but the belief with which OTOAI was formed and the mantra through which the members of the association have been directed to move forward. It is only through this unyielding Trust, towards each other, that we as an industry can move forward in the right and positive direction


The Seven Elements of the OTOAI Ideology

OTOAI, the association, aspires to be the leading voice of the Indian outbound industry on various national and global issues related to travel, tourism and hospitality industry, all the while propagating the three main principles of Fairness, Market Efficiency, and Customer Protection. Below are the details of the Seven Elements of the OTOAI Ideology –



The core purpose of forming OTOAI is to build a common platform for industry members to share their opinions, voice their concerns and brainstorm on ideas while working mutually towards the growth of outbound industry in India. OTOAI encourages highest ethical standards of business conduct within the travel and tourism industry, while promoting understanding, goodwill and fellowship amongst the members of the fraternity.



The main vision of OTOAI is to assist in the sustainable development of the Outbound Industry in India, while ensuring the growth of smaller outbound agents based in tier II and India. OTOAI, through its consistent and concerted efforts, aims to create new job opportunities in the outbound travel industry, which will surely play a crucial role in the economic development of our country and growth of the tourism sector.


Targets and Milestones

OTOAI pledges to

  • Make informed decisions based on information gathered from research
  • Work with world class standards only
  • Resolve industry issues by engaging our partners
  • Respond promptly to members’ needs and changes in the industry
  • Build synergies through networking



OTOAI is committed to establish relations with International Tourism Boards, International Associations, DMCs, Service Providers and other organisations and tourism entrepreneurs on tourism matters that will help create an international goodwill of the outbound industry. All our activities at OTOAI will be aimed towards upliftment and betterment of the Outbound Tour Operators and Agents in India and will be in their favour, solely.



The foundation of any successful organisation is based on the level of honesty with which it operates. At OTOAI, all its members are sworn to function with honesty not just within the organisation but also to their clients and business partners, commitment to fair practices and honest conduct in their business approach.


Operational Priorities

OTOAI, at the time of conceptualisation, was clear in stating that all members of the association, who are leading outbound travel professionals from India, will have to keep the functions and responsibilities of OTOAI as a priority. If there is a matter at OTOAI that needs immediate attention of its MC Members, the members, leaving all work aside, will gather and solve the issue in tandem.  


Core Values

The vales laid down at the time of formation of OTOAI must be followed and obeyed by the members of the association at all times – good or bad. These core values are the guiding principles that will help members decide the course of action to take in times of need.

Seven Pillars Of OTOAI Ideology :

Creating a Knowledge base for its members
Providing Support to its members
Participative Management
Encouraging Innovation in the industry
Implementing Ethics and Standards in the industry
Promoting Entrepreneurship
Collaboration with Stakeholders

Activities of OTOAI

Events, Workshops, Round Tables, Discussion, Expert Opinion
Ethics, Best, Professional
Linkages, Partnerships, Strength
Information, Advisory, Advocacy
Sustainable and forward-looking vision

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