Mission and vision

Mission :

To be the industry leader of the outbound segment of the travel industry in India by setting the highest standardds of ethics and professional excellence.

To propagate an ideology of best practices, sustainable collective ambition of selling quality travel through effective representation, shared knowledge and collaboration with stakeholders.

OTOAI seeks a retail travel marketplace that is profitable, growing and a rewarding place to work, invest and do business.


In advancing our mission, we are dedicated to build a travel and tourism body that :

  • All serious outbound travel professionals aspire to be a part of
  • Leads the industry’s thinking in the area of ethics, integrity and excellence of practice
  • Partners with the network of pertinent stakeholders to deliver on the mission
  • Forever derives its strength and energy from its highly qualified volunteers and professional staff


Our Vision :

Recognition of travel management as a profession with an acknowledged body of knowledge; a well established and practiced code of ethics and standards of professional conduct.

Our vision builds on our beliefs that :

  • The Indian outbound travel industry should operate in an environment that is equitable, free and efficient so that every stakeholder has a chance to earn a fair return on capital
  • The interests of the ultimate customers must take precedence over the interests of all other market participants
  • High ethical principles and self-regulatory standards that promote industry and market efficiency and fair practices