President Message

Dear Friends,

Wishing you all a Very Happy, Healthy, Joyous and Prosperous 2018.

It is my Honour and pleasure to address you all, as the President of OTOAI. At the very outset, I, on behalf of OTOAI would like to thank each and every one of you for your unflinching support and encouragement to OTOAI since its inception and continuing till date.
The grand success of our 3 Conventions at Manila, Bali and Ras Al Khaimah, Mega Educon Fam to Greece, Turkey, Visit to Scotland Expo, destination training events in India for Members, and related activites would not have been possible without your unflinching support, guidance and encouragement to Team OTOAI

We have recently had a change in the Leadership Team at OTOAI. However, only the Team has changed, but the ideals and ethos of OTOAI will continue and the present team will be guided accordingly to accomplish it. I thank the entire Membership of OTOAI to select the Present Team without going through the unpleasant process of ELECTION.

The last year has been a very challenging year for the Outbound Industry. Impact of Demonetisation in Nov 2016 & Implementation of GST in July 2017 were the main contributing factors. Delays in issuance of Visa, availability of air connectivity at a realistic price compounded the challenge faced by the Outbound Industry which literally brought it to its knees. However the timely efforts put in by the Outgoing Team to address these challenges were commendable and got the positive results. I will fail in my duty if I don’t acknowledge and Thank the Outgoing Team for the efforts and contribution to the Growth of OTOAI till date.

I am very happy and excited to lead my Team, comprising of Dynamic Professionals and Industry Leaders for the coming term. Our focus and energy will be invested heavily to increase the Membership Base across Pan India, conduct meaningful and practical knolwedge sessions, workshops, seminars for members, encourage the Members to embrace Technology and go the Digital Way as this is the future of the Industry. The outlook and forecasted figures of increase in Indian Outbound Tourism in the coming years is a great opportunity and looks very promising for each one of us.

The Country and World is Changing, the method of doing business is changing at a very fast pace. Let us all embrace this positively and take it in our stride. Let us Be the Change that We wish to See in our World. Let us be aware of our responsibility towards Sustainable & Responsible Tourism, and work towards contributing to this.

I am leading a Team with a Vision and a Dream, and seek your total support and energy to accomplish it. Collectively we can do More and I assure you that We Will Do It !

Thanking you for giving me the honour to be your President and wish you all the very best in 2018 !

Warm regards
Dependably Yours,

Mahendra Vakharia
President – OTOAI