Guiding Principles

OTOAI Guiding Principles

The Outbound Tour Operators Association of India runs on a set of basic principles, which have been clearly stated under our Mission and Vision theory. Also, the OTOAI Code of Conduct clearly states how members of the Association are expected to function. In addition to it all, the OTOAI Guiding Principles comprises OTOAI Oath and the Governance module for clear understanding of the functioning and structure of the organisation.



We, the Members of Outbound Tour Operators Association of India solemnly affirm:

That we all will – Act with integrity, competence, diligence and respect in an ethical manner with the public, clients, prospective clients, employees, colleagues in the travel industry along with other participants in the global markets.

That we all will – Place the integrity of the travel industry of our country and the interests of our clients above our own personal interests.

That we all will – Practice reasonable care and exercise independent professional judgment while conducting travel analysis, making reservations, making recommendations, taking actions and engaging in other professional activities.

That we all will – Follow and encourage others also to practice their business in a professional and ethical manner that will reflect credit on ourselves and the travel industry.

That we all will – Promote the integrity of and uphold the rules governing the travel industry.

That we all will – Maintain and improve our professional competence and strive to maintain and improve the competence of other travel industry professionals in our country.


OTOAI Believes:

OTOAI believes that the customer comes first. The interests of the customers must always take precedence over the interests of all other stakeholders. Travel professionals must act ethically and in accordance with the highest professional standards in order to provide the best value of service to their client.


OTOAI believes Travel Professionals must:

  • Act with integrity in all their dealings
  • Continuously strive to maintain and improve their professional knowledge and competence
  • Communicate in a fully transparent manner and report the fair prices of all products and services and other inherent terms and conditions that could potentially impact the customer
  • Maintain independence and objectivity
  • Understand that customers expect complete, accurate, timely and transparent information from professional stakeholders
  • Follow self-regulation, which is generally the preferred method for promoting fair and efficient markets. However, we recognise that some circumstances require additional regulation in order to ensure adequate customer protection


OTOAI Governance

The Outbound Tour Operators Association of India follows complete transparency in selecting and electing the members that govern its functioning. For the better and smooth running of the same, the association has formed three verticals, which looks not into just the functioning of the Association but also address any special request / grievance that comes to it. These are:

  • Board of Governors
  • Presidents Council
  • National Grievance Redressal Cell


Committees (OTOAI Governance)

Member-volunteers and elected representatives at the organisation serve in a variety of roles critical to the governance of OTOAI. The function of all these committees are defined with the sole purpose of benefit of the travel industry. These are:

  • Audit Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • External Relations and Volunteer Involvement Committee
  • Planning Committee
  • Continuing Education and Training Committee
  • Events Advisory Group
  • Ethics and Standards Committee
  • Disciplinary Review Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Membership Committee


Regional Chapters and Societies

In order to have its presence in all regions of India, OTOAI has formed Regional Chapters and Societies that stays in touch with the local members, through educational seminars and workshops and also addresses their grievances, if any. These are:

  • North India Chapter
  • South India Chapter
  • East India Chapter
  • West India Chapter


Requirements to become an OTOAI Member

OTOAI is constantly on a look-out to add more and more travel professionals to its member base as it strongly believes that OTOAI provides an umbrella of benefits to its associates, which can definitely help them in expanding their business. However, there are certain criteria’s to be met in order to become a member of the OTOAI. These are –

  • A C.A. Certificate (Format is also there in the form)
  • Copy of the Pan Card
  • Proof of 1 year of Business existence
  • MoA
  • Member should have a minimum of 150 sq. ft. office space
  • Recommendation from Overseas Supplier
  • Recommendation from any Tourism Office
  • Certificate from Outbound Tourism
  • Declaration (Format is also there in the form)
  • FEE mentioned in page no. 5 Joining + Annual + 18% service tax.
  • Proof of any remittance done by the agent outside India


Benefits of becoming an OTOAI Member / Member Benefits

As a member of OTOAI, you will have access to a world of opportunities, from networking with various key stake-holders of the Outbound Travel Industry, to having a voice in framing international tourism policies through close linkages with the government and associated bodies. OTOAI’s proactive approach will focus on helping you to increase your knowledge, efficiency and give you a competitive advantage. Here are the benefits in detail –


Unite as One Industry, One Voice

To be able to be heard at any platform of significance, it is essential, for any industry, to stand united as one voice. OTOAI offers that platform to the travel agents and outbound tour operators of India to join the association and stand united as one voice. Any concern of the travel fraternity, their grievances, can collectively be addressed by the representatives of OTOAI, who are better connected to the industry stakeholders and possess greater possibility of bringing a solution to the issue.


Make the Connection

Just like you, there are many other members within the OTOAI who are specialists of numerous services being offered under the outbound umbrella. Becoming part of the same association increases your chances of growing your network of contacts and be better associated with many other professionals, who can help you in increasing your business. Also, frequent interaction with industry stakeholders, DMCs, government officials, and other people in power can also act as a perfect lubricant to grow your connect circle.


Promote and Drive Business

OTOAI offers the perfect platform to outbound tour operators to showcase and promote his product / business at the various forums that is regularly organised by the association. You may be doing something big in your small town, or offering a special service that perhaps the bigger agent needs, but none of it will be known public unless to connect and promote with the right people who can help you grow your business. OTOAI will offer you the platform to so this.


Stay Informed

As a member of OTOAI, you will be informed about any latest development or news pertaining to your outbound business. Since the Association is actively involved with all industry stakeholders, any news regarding change in procedures, introduction of new policies and framework, presentation by any new outbound product, will be immediately put out for the benefit of OTOAI members. Thus, news and updates, which may otherwise take a while to reach you, will come to you much fast and in the most authentic manner by becoming a member of the association.

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