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Mission of OTOAI

OTOAI has been formed with the sole mission of bridging the gap between the stakeholders, such as International Tourism Boards, DMCs, etc. and the Travel Agents selling outbound, so that the two can work in harmony towards the common goal of increasing Outbound from India. The Association aims to foster an environment of collaboration with various stakeholders through its ideology of collective ambition. All members of the association are in serious business of selling outbound and any educational insight or lucrative deal that can help them boost their business is an added bonus. The association here plays a key role in bringing the two together for the growth of the outbound industry in India.


The Outbound Travel Industry in India is not only more competitive, but it is increasingly becoming recognised for providing good jobs, business profits, government revenue, entrepreneurial opportunities and an unprecedented quality of life for the residents of its country. The industry is strong, equipped and on a profitable path today because the Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) has been its catalyst for change. The Association has been able to connect the industry to resources and going forward, its continuous mission is to coach the industry, through various means and methods, and move them toward success.


The Mission of OTOAI is to be the industry leader of the outbound segment of the travel industry in India by setting the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence. It aims to propagate an ideology of best practices, sustainable collective ambition of selling quality travel through effective representation, shared knowledge and collaboration with stakeholders. OTOAI seeks a retail travel marketplace that is profitable, growing and a rewarding place to work, invest and do business.


Vision of OTOAI

Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) is the leading voice and shepherd of the travel industry, and its members include all who care about a thriving leisure and business travel economy, including those who conduct business directly with the guests, suppliers to those who service guests, and businesses throughout a community who benefit from increased traveller spending and a strong and positive image of India.


OTOAI’s Vision is to enable a platform where an Outbound Tour Operator can voice his grievance, share his experience and benefit from the skill and expertise that other members in the association possess. The growth of the Outbound Industry will not only lead to more jobs and more revenue for the Government, but will also help position India prominently in the list of countries where nationals travel extensively for holidays, business and education.


All members within the Association are involved and active, from front-line employees who recognise their important roles in the industry and who are launching their careers, to CEOs who count on OTOAI to speak up for their business interests. Because it shares the passion and mission of the industry it serves, Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) is strong, better equipped and sustainable, allowing it to respond to industry challenges and opportunities in professional, dynamic and unexpected ways to achieve industry success.  

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